Intro to MSE - Cost

Title: Intro to MSE - Cost

Contributor: Kathleen Kitto , Professor Emeritus, Engineering and Design Department, Western Washington University

Published Date: 7/31/2018

Content Type: Datavis_project


This DataVis project is part of a series of 10 projects designed for an Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering course. Students should download the project document below and then access the project in DataVis to complete the project.

This project focuses on Mass Production Cost in US$/kg for materials, or more simply, considering the basic cost of engineering materials to produce engineered products, components, or structures.

While cost is not strictly a material property, material cost is inherently important to engineers as they design products, components, or structures. Engineers are always weighing how much will it cost to produce the set of material properties that are needed for a particular design. For common engineered products, cost often drives design. Even for luxury products, material cost must also be factored into the design, but is less likely to drive the design in the same way.

The student learning outcomes for this project are as follows:

1. Students will understand the range of costs for common engineering materials within DataVis and across all Material Classifications.

2. Students will compare selected Steels, Aluminums and Thermoplastics for Mass Production Costs.

3. Students will explore Mass Production Costs for selected Steels, Aluminums, and Thermoplastics as compared to Yield Strengths in Tension and Elastic Modulus values in Tension.

4. Students will be able to select a material for a product based upon these factors alone.