Intro to MSE - Mechanical Properties

Title: Intro to MSE - Mechanical Properties

Contributor: Kathleen Kitto , Professor Emeritus, Engineering and Design Department, Western Washington University

Published Date: 7/31/2018

Content Type: Datavis_project


This DataVis project is part of a series of 10 projects designed for an Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering course. Students should download the project document below and then access the project in DataVis to complete the project.

This project focuses on the Mechanical Properties for all Material Classifications.

The student learning outcomes for this project are as follows:

1. Students will be able to articulate the differences between the Yield Strength in Tension and Compression for all Material Classifications.

2. Students will be able to understand the Relative Hardness values across Materials Classifications.

3. Students will be able to distinguish the differences between Fracture Toughness and Charpy Impact Toughenss: Notched across all Material Classifications.

4. Students will be able to select appropriate materials for a Smart Phone case based upon these Mechanical Properties and Cost.