WEEK 29: The Burnout Blues

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WEEK 29: The Burnout Blues
1010206 WEEK 29: The Burnout BluesYou hear it all the time: "Work smart, not hard."At the same time, being a hard worker is considered a desirable trait in an individual. And when you're an entrepreneur, it's a must-have trait for success. But sometimes, working too much can lead to burnout. Instead, you should try to find ways that allow you to get both the same quality and quantity of work done, without running yourself into the ground. This week provides a few tips to help prevent burnout.
Rhett Power: Entrepreneur's Book of Actions: Essential Daily Exercises and Habits for Becoming Wealthier, Smarter, and More Successful. WEEK 29: The Burnout Blues, Chapter (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2017), AccessEngineering Export