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<emphasis role="bold">COMPRESSORS</emphasis>
<emphasis role="bold">COMPRESSORS</emphasis>by Heimir FannarREFERENCES: Chlumsky, “Reciprocating and Rotary Compressors,” E&FN Spons Ltd., Loomis, “Compressed Air and Gas Data,” 3rd ed., Ingersoll-Rand. Rollins, “Compressed Air and Gas Handbook,” 5th ed., Compressed Air and Gas Institute. Sheppard, “Principles of Turbomachinery,” Macmillan. Stepanoff, “Turboblowers,” Wiley. Koppers Research and Engineering Staff, “Engineers Handbook of Piston Rings, Seal Rings, Mechanical Shaft Seals,” 8th ed., Koppers Company, Inc. Lundberg and Glanvall, “A Comparison of SRM and Globoid Type …
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