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<emphasis role="bold">HUMAN FACTORS AND ERGONOMICS</emphasis>
<emphasis role="bold">HUMAN FACTORS AND ERGONOMICS</emphasis>by Ezra S. KrendelREFERENCES: “Aviation Safety and Pilot Control,” NRC, National Academy Press, Washington, DC, 1997. Allen, McRuer, et al., “Computer-Aided Procedures for Analyzing Man-Machine System Dynamic Interactions,” Vol. I, “Methodology and Application Examples,” Vol. II, “Simplified Pilot-Modeling for Divided Attention Operations,” Vol III, “Users Guide,” WADC TR-89-3070, June 1989. Badler, Phillips, and Webber, “Simulating Humans: Computer Graphics, Animation and Control,” Oxford University…
Eugene A. Avallone; Theodore Baumeister III; Ali Sadegh: Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Eleventh Edition. HUMAN FACTORS AND ERGONOMICS, Chapter (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2007), AccessEngineering Export