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<emphasis role="bold">FLUID FILM BEARINGS</emphasis>
<emphasis role="bold">FLUID FILM BEARINGS</emphasis>by Vittorio (Rino) CastelliREFERENCES: “General Conference on Lubrication and Lubricants,” ASME. Fuller, “Theory and Practice of Lubrication for Engineers,” 2d ed., Wiley. Booser, “Handbook of Lubrication, Theory and Design,” vol. 2, CRC Press. Barwell, “Bearing Systems, Principles and Practice,” Oxford Univ. Press. Cameron, “Principles of Lubrication,” Longmans Greene. “Proceedings,” Second International Symposium on Gas Lubrication, ASME. Gross, “Fluid-Film Lubrication,” Wiley. Gunter, “Dynamic Stability of Rotor-Bea…
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