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<emphasis role="bold">GAS TURBINES</emphasis>
<emphasis role="bold">GAS TURBINES</emphasis>by John H. Lewis and William H. DayREFERENCES: Kerrebrock, “Aircraft Engines and Gas Turbines,” MIT Press. Koff, Spanning the Globe with Jet Propulsion, 1991, AIAA paper 2987. “Turbine Engine Directory,” Flight Int., June 8–14, 1994. Hill and Peterson, “Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion,” Addison-Wesley. Bejan, “Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics,” Wiley. Horlock, “Combined Cycle Powerplants,” Pergamon. “Gas Turbine World Handbook,” published annually, Pequot Publishing, Inc.
<emphasis role="bold">…</emphasis>
Eugene A. Avallone; Theodore Baumeister III; Ali Sadegh: Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Eleventh Edition. GAS TURBINES, Chapter (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2007), AccessEngineering Export