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<emphasis role="bold">PSYCHROMETRY</emphasis>
<emphasis role="bold">PSYCHROMETRY</emphasis>GENERAL REFERENCES ASHRAE 2002 Handbook: Fundamentals, SI Edition, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Atlanta, Ga., 2002, Chap. 6, “Psychrometrics,” Chap. 19.2, “Sorbents and Desiccants.” Aspen Process Manual (Internet knowledge base), Aspen Technology, 2000 onward. Humidity and Dewpoint. British Standard BS 1339 (rev.). Humidity and dewpoint, Pt. 1 (2002); Terms, definitions and formulae, Pt. 2 (2005); Psychrometric calculations and tables (including spreadsheet), Pt. 3 (2004); Guide…
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