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<emphasis role="bold">INFINITE SERIES</emphasis>
<emphasis role="bold">INFINITE SERIES</emphasis>REFERENCES: de Brujin, N. G., Asymptotic Methods in Analysis, Dover, New York (1981); Folland, G. B., Advanced Calculus, Prentice-Hall, Saddle River, N.J. (2002); Gradshteyn, I. S., and I. M. Ryzhik, Tables of Integrals, Series, and Products, Academic, New York (2000); Kaplan, W., Advanced Calculus, 5th ed., Addison-Wesley, Redwood City, Calif. (2003).
<emphasis role="bold">DEFINITIONS</emphasis>
Don W. Green; Robert H. Perry: Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition. INFINITE SERIES, Chapter (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2008 1997 1984 1973 1963 1950 1941 1934), AccessEngineering Export