Activated Sludge Aeration Tank Calculations

Title: Activated Sludge Aeration Tank Calculations

Contributor: Harlan Bengtson Ph.D., P.E. , Former Dean of Engineering, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Published Date: September/2014

Content Type: Spreadsheet


This set of worksheets automates the calculation of activated sludge aeration tank size requirements, blower size requirements, and values for operational parameters. The Aeration Tank Sizing worksheet calculates the tank volume based on F:M ratio, hydraulic residence time, and volumetric loading. The Operations Calculations worksheet calculates the required activated sludge wasting rate and sludge recycle rate based on user input of wastewater flow and composition, aeration tank volume, and target sludge retention time (SRT). The Blower Sizing worksheet calculates required air flow rate and blower outlet pressure.