Antennas and Transmission Lines - Basic Calculations

Title: Antennas and Transmission Lines - Basic Calculations

Contributor: William Prudhomme, B.S.E.E. , Principal, XL Technologies, Inc.

Published Date: November/2015

Content Type: Spreadsheet


Software simulation programs are generally used for modeling and designing complex electronic circuits and applications, but frequently only a basic calculation is needed to solve an immediate design problem or to calculate the value of a specific circuit element. This Excel workbook addresses this need by automating the calculation of 35 basic electronics formulas for antennas, transmission lines, air-core coil winding, toroidal-core coil winding, and decibels (power, voltage or current gain/loss).

The workbook includes worksheets on:

1. Basic Antennas - Calculation of dimensions for half-wave dipole and folded dipole antennas, quarter-wave vertical antennas, 3-element beam antennas, impedance matching transformers and line-of-sight distances.

2. Basic Transmission Lines - Calculation of impedance, inductance, capacitance, and attenuation for coax and ladder transmission lines.

3. Coil Winding (air core) - Calculation of inductance, number of turns, spacing, and typical wire size for air core, single and multi-layer coils based on radius or diameter. Includes calculation of inductance for straight wire.

4. Coil Winding (toroids) - Calculation of Inductance, resonant frequency, and number of turns for toroid coils.

5. Decibels - Calculation of power, voltage, and current gain/loss.

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