Compressibility Factor Calculations

Title: Compressibility Factor Calculations

Contributor: Harlan Bengtson, Ph.D., P.E. , Former Dean of Engineering, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Published Date: June/2017

Content Type: Spreadsheet


The Compressibility factor is needed to make a variety of calculations for a gas which is at a temperature and/or pressure for which the ideal gas law does not apply. To obtain a Compressibility factor value from this spreadsheet, the user enters the temperature and pressure of the gas and either selects from 21 common gases or enters the critical temperature and critical pressure for a different gas. The spreadsheet then calculates the Compressibility factor for the specified gas at the specified temperature and pressure using the Redlich-Kwong equation of state. There are worksheets using U.S. units and S.I. units.

Equations used: Redlich Kwong Equation of State