Reinforced Concrete Columns

Title: Reinforced Concrete Columns

Contributor: Mustafa Mahamid, Ph.D., S.E., P.E. , Clinical Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Published Date: August/2017

Content Type: Spreadsheet


Reinforced Concrete (RC) columns are designed for axial load as well as combined axial load and bending moment. The RC column design and check is typically performed by using interaction diagrams. The spreadsheet covers designing/checking rectangular and circular cross-sections subjected to concentrated load and subjected to combined axial load and bending moment. Column capacity is calculated and the Interaction diagram is plotted for rectangular and circular cross-sections upon entering the column geometry, concrete strength and reinforcement. The applied load can be entered and the spreadsheet provides a comparison between the applied load and the capacity on the interaction diagrams. The design/check can be performed using U.S. Customary Units as well as SI units.